You are the advisory team of the Investigation Bureau of the Secret Forensic Division. The department’s current focus is on the serial killer. Having killed the first victim in the house, from a certain apartment, the maniac will not stop until he kills one person in each apartment of the house. Before the start of his series, the maniac gives the opportunity to save the inhabitants. Now before you is his next clue from which it is clear that the next house is for 8 apartments. You have 5-15 minutes to open each apartment and rescue the residents of the apartment. Are you ready to take the risk? Your intelligence is against the lives of people.

the maniac's house


  • We deliver the game to you FREE OF CHARGE;
  • You will have  the game for 3 hours;
  • We come back to collect it;
  • You can play from 2 untill 5 players;
  • Clues are available inside the game if you get stuck;
  • Total price is 55€ including 3 hrs rent game;
  • The price is for the whole group, not per person;
  • An Android Mobile is included in the game.
The Maniac's House
The Maniac's House
The Maniac's House
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The Maniac's House
The Maniac's House

2-5 players

Age 13+

Duration 60/120 minutes

Difficulty 8/10

Solve puzzles & Find clues