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An innovative twist on the traditional escape room – we bring the room to you!
Ideal for events, parties, or a games night with your friends, this portable escape room will surely brighten up any evening. Guaranteed fun for everyone, put your thinking caps on and get cracking!

  • We deliver and collect the game from your location for no extra charge
  • You are given 2 hours to complete the puzzle

The Maniac's house

Portable Escape Room  BOX

3hrs rent - 55€
the maniac's house
The Maniac’s House is ready to be rented! Investigate the different rooms, find all the clues, and solve all the different mysteries and murders!

Secret from ussr

Portable Escape Room BOX

3hrs rent - 55€

portable escape room

It is now 1986. You are secret agents of counterintelligence MI-6 who managed to intercept a package of the KGB service from the USSR to the GDR.

There is no exact data on the package.A small box weighing about 10 kg was closed, but there is verified information that the boxes are mined to prevent theft of classified information. 



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