Frequently Asked Questions


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What happens if I am late for my scheduled Escape Room experience?

Customers will not be allowed to join a game that is in progress! That means if you’re with other players and they have started you will be unable to join, so make sure to arrive 15 minutes early!

What happens if we can’t solve any of the puzzles?

During your game, you can ask for clues from the Game Master, so don’t panic if you get stuck!

Can I take pictures or videos inside the rooms?

Photographs and video recording are not allowed in the rooms. You will be asked to leave your mobile phones / cameras in a locked cabinet prior to entering the room.

If we decide to cancel it, is the deposit refundable ?

No. Deposit is  non-refundable. You can however, change the date and time of your booking if it is more than 24 hours in advance.

Is there an age limit?

Yes, the suggested age to play the game is 16 + for all the rooms.

How Many Players Can Participate?

The maximum capacity is 6 players per room

What Is The Price?

2 PLAYERS : €23.50 per Person;

3 – 4 PLAYERS: €22 per Person;

5+ PLAYERS: €20 per Person.

When Do I Need To Arrive?

All players should arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled game.