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60 minutes to go….tick, tock, tick tock


Your impromptu visit to another city takes a sudden dark turn when you find yourself trapped in a spooky cellar…

You and your team must put your heads together in order to plot your escape before Hannibal returns! Fail to do so, and you might just become dinner…
Feeling brave?

Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci

The year is 1515. Escape from Leonardo Da Vinci’s office to meet the mastermind himself!
Not for the faint of heart, solve your way out of this series of rooms, with twists and turns hidden in every corner.
Keep your eyes peeled, and your mind sharp, in order to get out before the time elapses!
Feeling up to the challenge?


Escape room 125 gives you a powerful platform that helps to entrench the values that make you unique as an individual or an organization.
Friends & Families

There is nothing better than facing this challenge with your friends and families. It brings out the genius in you!


Explore the world in a room that is full of engaging entertainment. This is a must for the savvy individual.


Crank up your innate skills and show everyone why you lead a unique lifestyle.


Build a solid team by helping them to uncover the true meaning of success in a room!

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2 players

€24 per person

3 – 4 Players

€22 per person

5 – 6 players 

€20 per person

7 players 

€ 18 per person

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