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60 minutes and the clock is ticking…


Your visit to another city turns quite hazardous as your guide who appeared homely turns out to be a mean fellow..

Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci

Year 1535… You are a guest of Leonardo Da Vinci but there is a catch... you are locked in a dark room and can only...


Escape room 125 gives you a powerful platform that helps to entrench the values that make you unique as an individual or an organization.
Friends & Families

There is nothing better than facing this challenge with your friends and families. It brings out the genius in you!


Explore the world in a room that is full of engaging entertainment. This is a must for the savvy individual.


Crank up your innate skills and show everyone why you lead a unique lifestyle.


Build a solid team by helping them to uncover the true meaning of success in a room!

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